These screenshots were taken from the ValueObjects framework for JDeveloper 10g running on Fedora Core Linux.

ADF Business Component Model Generated ValueObjects Class Diagram
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Generate ValueObjects

Wizard can be launched by accessing the context menu (right click) of a view object.

Wizard Welcome Screen

The wizard welcome screen.


Select Package

Selecting a package for the valueobjects. Wizard recommends a package that you can override.


Select Attributes / Rename Valueobject

Selecting attributes you want to include in valueobjects. Wizard recommends names for the valueobjects that you can override.


Customize Attributes

Shows details about each attribute. You can customize attribute names and translation.


Summary Page

Shows hierarchy and attributes of all valueobjects to be generated.


ValueObjects in Project

Valueobjects added to the project. If needed, you can customze the source files.